This is a translation for courtesy but very improvable. 
Make sure you understand the text of conditions in Spanish.
Product Return Policy.
Thank you for shopping on this website. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help. 
Below we detail the policy related to the returns and use of photographs according to the chosen license. 
 Returns Given. 
The nature of the download transaction, there is no point in returning it make sure that the photo you are going to download is the one chosen and paid. 
The pixels of the images are indicative since they will have to be adjusted minimally in some cases to respect the aspect ratio of the image. 
 Use of photographs 
The download from the online store includes the use you want to give to the photograph depending on the license you choose, Individual (Personal Use License) or company (Professional Use License), worldwide with some exceptions:
 . The resale of the photograph (printed or digital) is not allowed, nor is it allowed to include it in any online store for the sale of photographs. 
 . It is not allowed to facilitate or disseminate to a third party the download of the photograph, sublicense or assignment. 
. Buyer may not imply, express or implied, that he is the original creator of the image, nor may he publish the material in the form of fine art prints.
. If the photograph is reproduced on a website, the buyer must publish in the terms and conditions that prohibit  downloading, republication. 
These conditions are valid whether or not you know the Spanish language.